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Calling All Homesteading or Simple Living Blogs!

~by Tammy Taylor~


Recently I had a follower on my Taylor-Made Homestead Facebook Page share an interesting thought – they’re not located close to us and although they love reading our blog (blush) they wondered if there was a list somewhere of other homesteading blogs from homesteaders in different areas.  Their thought was that since there are some gardening season or altitude cooking differences based on location that it would be a helpful resource to have several homesteading or voluntary simplicity type blogs listed by region.  What a great idea!

CALLING ALL HOMESTEADING OR SIMPLE LIVING BLOGS! I'm compiling a list divided by area that I'll share right here on my page. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Building Life With Your Own Two Hands

by Tammy Taylor


Why do I do it??  Why do I go through the trouble (and expense) of raising my own chickens?  Why do I plant a veggie garden and then spend countless hot summertime hours over a steaming pressure canner to preserve the bounty it produces?  Why do I haul my laundry outside when there’s a perfectly-good electric clothes dryer RIGHT THERE?  Doesn’t it all take a tremendous amount of time?  Wouldn’t it be easier to pop open that snack-pak chocolate pudding cup instead of making it from scratch?  HECK YEAH it would!

Building Life With Our Own Two Hands. It would be easier to pop open that pudding cup instead of making it from scratch, but we love this life! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Come With Me For A Day At The Ranch

by Tammy Taylor

I’ve had many people tell me they wonder what a typical day at a Texas ranch might be like.  So last year I published a post detailing a day in our lives here in our NE Texas paradise.  But that was during the heat & drought of summer, a very different kind of day than in the cold of winter.  So I thought it would be fun to let you walk around with us today to see what a day at the ranch is like when it’s c-c-c-cold outside!  C’mon, put on your mud boots, bundle up in your heaviest coveralls, grab your gloves & follow me – it’ll be a blast!

Walk around with us today to see what a day at the ranch is like!  Put on your mud boots, grab your gloves & follow me - it'll be a blast! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Wordless Wednesday: Full Moon Rising

by Tammy Taylor


Another shot of the full moon - I'd love to get an iPhone app to make the beauty I'm seeing with my eyes transfer to a photo.  Any advice?  #TaylorMadeRanch

The full moon was rising and the colors in the sky were absolutely BEAUTIFUL pinks & blues. So I attempted to capture the beauty with my lightweight 8-mp camera on my iPhn 4S. Although the camera on my phone takes some pretty awesome pics, I’ve never been able to capture the beauty of the moon with it. I know it’s not a high-end camera but I was really hoping that there’s an app for that. Any advice from iPhone users on “Taking Moon Pictures For Dummies” apps to help me?

In the meantime please close your eyes & picture the most amazing sky with a bold bright beautiful moon while looking at this mighty (yet woefully short) attempt of mine.