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Why Doesn’t Junior Want Grandma’s Fine China?

by Tammy Taylor~

“I see there’s an estate sale this weekend, do you think we should attend?” I asked RancherMan recently.  As I went over the high-end offerings we got into a pretty deep conversation.  You see, RancherMan & I often have these deep conversations with our morning coffee. We’ve discussed kneeling at the anthem, insurance problems, political tensions, terrorism, racial tensions, generational entitlements, and more.  Nothing’s been off limits.

But today we were talking about the interesting social shift of current generations compared to generations passed.  I wondered what future the estate sales and their higher quality antiquities would hold? Will they continue to attract buyers or would they just eventually disappear?  And why are younger generations not interested in things like fine china or heavy well-made antique furniture?

Newsflash: Junior may not be interested in receiving grandma's fine china. A generation shift might make it harder to pass grandma's finer things to your kids. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Snap Judgements: All Is Not Always As It Appears…

by Tammy Taylor~

I love Facebook, and I especially love our Facebook Followers.  I get much enjoyment out of social media. From our ~TMH~ Facebook page I get to interact with some mighty fine folks always willing to help.  And on my personal page I get to keep up with my family and our grandbabies and lots of friends.  You know, stories about what they’re doing, the fun they’re having, etc.  But sometimes my social media newsfeed is filled with half-truths being touted as true. It frustrates me to no end!

I’ve been very open about my feeling that everyone has the right to feel the way they do.  Not everyone feels like me, and I’ll probably not have the same opinions as everyone else either.  And that’s OK!  But the thing that bothers me is someone hearing a story purposely tilted by friends or the media and then taking the ball & running with it.  They get busy spreading the rumor themselves feeling there must have been a gross injustice done.

But just because you read about it online (or even hear about it from a friend or family member) doesn’t make it true!

I’d like to share a real-life example with you why snap judgements about a situation might not be as it appears.

All is not always as it appears! Don't make snap judgements & participate in character assassination. Just because someone tells you so doesn't make it true! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Public Safety: Restaurant Repeatedly Blocking Fire Exits??

by Tammy Taylor~

While traveling out of town to visit my aunt & uncle back in March of this year, RancherMan & I stopped into a very popular tourist restaurant, The Big Texan Steak Ranch.    It’s a fun place with lots of energy and the food is delicious.  Oh and they’ll fill your growler with some of their specialty beers.  You know RancherMan is all over that! And their claim to fame is that if you can eat a whopping 72-oz steak with all the fixin’s in an hour you get your meal for free. (YIKES!)  That challenge has been tried (and failed) many times.  A few times someone’s actually been successful!  (again, YIKES!) LOL

But as we were sitting at the table enjoying our meal I looked around the room.  The dining room is semi-dimly lighted and tables are placed end-to-end in long rows.  But right there by our table was the fire exit.  I was shocked to see it was blocked by all manner of table-bussing trash and castaways.  There were chunky high chairs stacked so high in front of the fire extinguisher you’d have to don your Superman cape, fly over and somehow move them all just to get to it.  And the door itself was blocked with chairs, folding trays & menu trash.  Wow. With the layout of this large dining room, this could be a disaster waiting to happen!

The Big Texan Restaurant is repeatedly blocking the fire exit. In any restaurant if you SEE something SAY SOMETHING! The Life You Save Could Be Yours! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Fire Danger: Locked Doors? Blocked Exits? SAY SOMETHING!!

by Tammy Taylor

RancherMan & I were running errands in a nearby town recently and we decided to stop for a quick bite to eat.  It was raining and there were rivers of water running through the parking lot, so a close parking spot was nowhere to be found.  We parked at the end of the building and made a run for the doors.  As we finally reached the doors drenched from the rain, RancherMan leaned forward to open the door for me as he always does.  “PLUNK“.  The door was locked.  OMGosh for the love of PETE – someone please help this make sense for me. Why oh why do so many business have TWO doors to their establishments only to have one locked at all times??  And we’ve even run across some businesses that post a permanent sign to inform patrons to use the other door! WHY?? (smh)

Please Use Other Door Why businesses have TWO doors to their establishments only to have one locked at all times is a mystery. This is a fire safety issue! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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