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GO GREEN – Compostable Utensils & Wooden Plates!

by Tammy Taylor~

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Did y’all know there’s such a thing as ‘Plastic-Free July’? Me neither! But you know I hate plastic so I’m loving anything that has to do with eliminating more of it.  And it’s perfect timing since recent buying decisions had me looking for disposable utensils.

Wait a minute, WHAT Tammy??!  I thought you hated disposable things!

Yes, you’re correct… But we were hosting an outdoor family reunion I didn’t want my good flatware going outside & being lost or thrown away accidentally.  And you KNOW I’m not gonna use anything plastic!  So I went online searching for options.  I was intrigued to find compostable forks, knives and spoons.  There are many manufacturers out there but PerfectWare utensils by Perfect Stix were actually WAXED.  I knew right then & there that I’d be buying those!

Compostable Waxed Flatware? YES! These waxed utensils are inexpensive and fully compostable. Used for backyard BBQ's & weddings! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Environmental Awareness On The Homestead: No-Spill Fuel Can Eliminates Spilled Fuel

by Tammy Taylor~

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Living and working on a NE Texas ranch means RancherMan & I spend lots of time on our tractors.  He has a heavy-duty red beast and I have a smaller one that we affectionately call ‘Ole Blue’ .  She’s very reliable older-model Ford tractor.  When I became a breast cancer survivor, RancherMan painted the wheels of Ole Blue bright pink in celebration!  (How much do I love him??) 

Aaaaanyway he often prepares for the day’s tasks by fueling both tractors.  As much as I love ‘Ole Blue’ it always made my crunchy-green heart CRINGE when RancherMan would put fuel in her.  Almost every time the fuel would spill all along the top, drip down the sides and onto the grass. Of course I’d never say anything to him.  He knows how I hate it and he tries his best to deliver the fuel without spilling but…  With the design of the typical 5-gallon fuel can it was always hard to get the fuel from the can to my tractor’s fuel tank without splashing corrosive diesel on my tractor and even spilling some onto the pasture grass.  OOHHHH, my heart!  There just had to be a better way!

Hard as he may try, RancherMan would always splash fuel when filling my tractor's tank. Let's try this No-Spill can & see how it works! Pink Wheels On Ford Tractor #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Sun Protection: Rigid Canopy for Our Mid-Size Tractor

by Tammy Taylor~

RancherMan & I work outside every day, rain or shine.  We’re either working cattle or fixing fences.  There’s garden work and tractor work.  Day in, day out – we’re outside working.  Now we LOVE our lives here don’t get me wrong, but sun protection is something we take very seriously.  RancherMan made sure I had a heavy canvas canopy to protect me from the sun when I’m on my small blue Ford 32 hp tractor but his larger tractor didn’t come with a canopy, just a ROPS (roll bar).  Now I hated that he wasn’t protected and constantly nagged I mean reasoned with him to get something to protect himself from the sun.  But he protested mightily, saying: “I’m having trouble finding one that fits the ROPS on my tractor.  Plus I’d want a rigid canopy, and since I work around trees sometimes when I’m mowing or clearing I just don’t know if I should get one for my tractor”

Sun protection is important! We needed a canopy to be properly protected from the sun while on our tractors. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Repurposed Water Bottle Plant Watering System

by Tammy Taylor~

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WHEW! It’s summer in Texas, and as it typically does it’s turned hot and DRY!  I’m doing everything I can to keep my outside plants watered –  I have an 18-ft deep underground cistern that stores the rainwater that falls on our roof and I use it for watering our vegetable garden.  I also have a 55-gallon rain barrel that attaches to another gutter down spout for hand-watering potted plants and such.

But there are a few footed concrete planters that I have on my porch holding things such as chocolate mint, spearmint and my favorite herb Thyme!  Now the mints do pretty well in their planters because, well you know, MINT!  But I struggle to keep the Thyme healthy & watered and I’ve lost the plant and had to repurchase and replant thyme repeatedly in this cement planter over the years!  Thankfully the Plant Nanny folks agreed to send me one of their terracotta plant stakes to try.

Plant Nanny Watering System uses a porous Terracotta stake & a repurposed water bottle. Take the hassle out of keeping plants watered! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Review: Compostable Bamboo Toothbrush

~by Tammy Taylor~

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Y’all know I’ve had the ‘live sustainably’ mindset for years – neigh, decades even!  Over the years I’ve taken first one step and then another to live more gently on this big blue planet we call earth.  Recently I became interested in something I’d previously never really given much thought to: our toothbrushes.  What a shame that these things are sold entombed in a hunk of plastic (not recyclable in my area) and the toothbrush itself was made of plastic too.  How crazy did it now seem to use this plastic toothbrush for 3-4 months and then toss it in the trash only to replace it with a new one and repeat ad infinitum.

Although I’d not paid much attention to that wasteful fact before, now all of a sudden that really, really bothered me.  Maybe it was time for me to put my money where my mouth was (groaaaaan – bad pun intended.  LOL!)  So I started researching and found there are toothbrushes made of biodegradable, compostable bamboo.  I’m intrigued!  The Woodzee company graciously sent a small supply of their bamboo toothbrushes for me to try – read on to see how they fared!

COMPOSTABLE, BIODEGRADABLE BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES reduce contribution to the 50 million pounds of plastic toothbrushes thrown in landfills yearly. See my review. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Product Review: GLASS Water Bottle From Eco Vessel

by Tammy Taylor

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Y’all know I hate plastic. Hate. Yes, HATE. HAAAATE plastic, so I wanted to get rid of the plastic tumbler I’m using to drink water throughout the day.  I’ve had aluminum water bottles & wasn’t pleased with the experience, I’m assuming maybe stainless steel wouldn’t have the same issues?  But although I’ve shopped for stainless water vessels, I really, REALLY would prefer to drink from glass.  As a matter of fact the last time I had multiple-day tractor duty mowing pastures I used a canning jar filled with ice water so I could enjoy that icy refreshing water in glass, and I loved it. But the jar was so big around I was afraid I would drop it, especially since my grip was ‘iffy’ after hours long maneuvering of the tractor’s steering wheel.   I need a glass water vessel that would be much easier and safer to grip but still holds a lot.   Eco Vessel has provided one of their Surf Glass Water Vessels for my review.

I hate plastic, and I hate disposable water bottles or cups. I'm reviewing a 60% Recycled GLASS Water Vessel - see what I found. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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