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Facebook: Friend or Foe?

by Tammy Taylor


Recently on my Taylor-Made Homestead Facebook page I shared a story that I read about how much food is wasted in this country – everything from harvest waste or culls in the field to grocery store waste.   I commented that it was a shame that more edible & in-date food destined for the dumpsters for whatever cosmetic reason couldn’t be used instead to feed hungry people.

Many of my followers chimed in that it was a shame indeed but one person was angered by the story for some reason that I still don’t quite understand.  As a matter of fact he was indignant and abrasive to many various commenters. Now I love FB and I typically enjoy it immensely but this incident got me wondering if public social media sites like Facebook are really a friend or a foe?

A particularly unpleasant Facebook interaction makes me wonder why we can't just support each other - the similarities & the differences #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Wordless Wednesday: Look For Beautiful Things

by Tammy Taylor


I believe in this life we live that we see what we're looking for - either good or bad. Be sure to look for the beautiful things in your life! #TaylorMadeRanch

I believe in this ole life we live that we see what we’re looking for – either good or bad. There is beauty in even the most mundane chores but you’ll completely miss it if you’re looking only for the negative things. Be sure to look for the beautiful things in your life…



New Streaks Of Platinum Blonde? I Earned EVERY ONE!

by Tammy Taylor

Recently I attended my mother’s birthday celebration – a gathering of family & friends.  We all met at a local bistro and many tables were pushed together to make room for all the guests in attendance.  Of course there were family members there but helping to celebrate were many super-fun friends as well, most older than me but beloved like family.

As RancherMan & I arrived we greeted these wonderful people, sharing hugs all the way around the table.  As we all settled into in our seats talking, sharing and laughter were the sounds that filled the cool spring air.  Just then one of the older ladies who uses a walker was passing slowly & gingerly behind me when she stroked the back of my hair and said “Tammy, Dahlin’, I do believe you’re getting a little whiter back here…”  To which I replied without skipping a beat “Hey, I’m PROUD of those new platinum-blonde streaks – I earned EVERY ONE of them!”

Don't I want to look YOUNGER than my years??? But I see something different in those pretty silvery strands- I've earned every one! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Relay for Life – Why Do I Do It?? HOPE!

by Tammy Taylor

Well, another year is on the record books for the Relay for Life in our area, an all-night relay to raise money for the American Cancer Society and to bring awareness to the evil that is cancer in  all its ugly forms.  Back in 2013 my team members walked in my honor as I was going through surgeries & recovery to rid my body of breast cancer.  They sent a picture to my mother as I laid in that hospital bed recovering from surgery – she showed it to me with tears in her eyes.  How touching that my dear friends were doing something so powerful in my honor.   So the following year I proudly joined the team and experienced my very first Relay for Life.  This year is only my second year, but it’s just as meaningful & just as powerful.  But why do I participate?  Why would I scramble trying to raise money for the American Cancer Society?  Why would I show up on a Friday night and attempt to walk All. Night. Long?  Why?  The answer is simple.  HOPE.

Relay for Life - A Personally Meaningful Event for me. Why Do I Do It?? HOPE! #RelayForLife - #CancerSucks - #WalkForACure - #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Paying It Forward… In REAL LIFE

by Tammy Taylor


By now many of you know I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. (I just passed  another survivorship anniversary!!)  There were many frightening aspects of going through that diagnosis and recovery.  But I was surprised to find many blessings along the way as well!  As I was going through the surgeries I found myself feeling depressed about the things that made up the gentle rhythm of my life that were completely disrupted.  Not only my health but my whole world was upside down!

Living & working on a cattle ranch means I certainty couldn’t do my ranching chores for awhile. And my strength was zapped so it was difficult to even do the simple things like cook and clean, and planting my beloved garden was out of the question.    But a group of friends surprised me by showing up at my door early one Saturday and planting my garden for me.  Tears of joy and appreciation streamed down my face as I was touched by their kind gesture.  I truly felt the embrace of God Himself that day.  D’ya hear that???  Felt the embrace of GOD.  Now that’s a powerful feeling, my friends!

Ironically one of the people that showed up that morning recently had a very serious accident.  Like me, he couldn’t imagine not planting his beloved garden.  But like me he just can’t physically do it this year.  He was there for me when I needed him in 2013 & he asked for nothing in return.  He was just giving of himself, showing God’s love that day.  He could have never known how much his gift meant to me but it meant a lot.  Now I’ll make sure he feels that love as well.  It’s time for me to reach out & pay it forward!

People have the desire to Pay It Forward but don't know what to do. There are many day-to-day opportunities in REAL LIFE to do something great! #TaylorMadeHomestead


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“I’m Gonna Say Just Exactly What I THINK!”

by Tammy Taylor


So…  the other day our microwave started turning itself on all by itself when it was opened.  Wow, now that’s not supposed to happen and it just CAN’T be safe!  I was so alarmed that I contacted the manufacturer immediately.  Their response was basically that it was past its warranty period.  They said there’s nothing they will do, it was my responsibility to get it fixed at my own cost.  I was outraged! I felt totally blown off and vowed to shout my displeasure from the mountaintops.  I shouted that this company produced substandard products and had crappy customer service.  And let me tell ya I hit ’em with both barrels.  I tweeted it.  I Google+ it.  I plastered it on Facebook – both on my Taylor-Made Homestead FB page as well as the manufacturer’s FB page.

Of course I viewed my actions as simply standing up for myself – by golly no one was going to take advantage of ME!  Now although I’m not suggesting that you let anyone actually take advantage of you, this incident got me to thinking…  I’m not sure I handled things in an appropriate way.  My actions with this manufacturer certainly didn’t make me proud of the reflection I see in the mirror.

GOSSIP: "I'm Gonna Say What I THINK!" But don't those words instead almost always preface some sort of belittling of someone else? #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Cancer just SUCKS!

by Tammy Taylor

Many of you know I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013.  Praise GOD I’m now cancer free, but I’m not gonna lie it was the most frightening thing I’ve ever been through in my life.  Now I want to do something about it – I want to fight back, to kick cancer’s butt.  I’ll fight it for the fear it caused me and so many others like me, and especially for taking loved ones away from us.  I won’t sit still!  Want to read my story of trial & triumph?  Read on, dear friends…

I want to fight back, to kick cancer’s butt... but I can't do it alone.  Let's DO this!     #TaylorMadeRanch

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The TRUTH Behind Perfect Facebook Posts…

by Tammy Taylor


I’ve read how people are oftentimes negatively affected by reading about others’ festivities on Facebook.  You know, holiday pics, vacation photos, or lavish special-occasion dinners, etc.  It’s common knowledge that many people start to feel inadequate when reading about Martha-Stewart styled Christmases or picturesque views one of their FB friends enjoyed on their vacation. They begin to compare their normal everyday life to the sparkly perfection they’re reading about from their friends’ posts.  Their perfect holiday or perfect children.  Their perfect vacation or perfectly made & presented home-made meal.  Now I’ve never really been affected negatively by reading Facebook posts because I look at it this way: People are NOT gonna post the boring blah parts of their lives, only the shiny parts. And that’s ok!  I actually enjoy reading about what’s going on outside these four walls.  But it got me to thinking…

THE TRUTH BEHIND PERFECT FACEBOOK POSTS! Do you feel inadequate comparing your life to the perfection you're reading on your friends' Facebook posts #TaylorMadeHomestead


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Showing Love In Times Of Sorrow

.  by Tammy Taylor


She was a sweet woman, spunky and mentally sharp in her late 80’s when I met her, and I absolutely fell in love with her the first time I met her at our church.  A few years ago her daughter threw a small birthday gathering for her when she turned 90 and no matter what was going on in RancherMan’s & my life that day, I would be there to celebrate with her.  Her daughter & Son-in-law were devoted to her and when her health began to wobble a few years later they made sure she was well provided for.  They were always there to attend to her physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Then recently I noticed she wasn’t at church & I heard she was in the hospital.  Her daughter told me for some reason she was in the hospital every January for the past 6 years – one year a broken bone, another a UTI, yet another the flu, etc.  For some reason it was always something in January she said.  “But,” she warned me “This infection might be the one that takes her.”  I immediately teared up at the thought.  I was told that the hospital would discharge her in a day or so but her daughter told me it could be under the care of hospice.  RancherMan & I made plans to go see her as soon as she got home.  But then the call came…

After a friend lost her mother I knew she would need any comfort I could give her. But what to do? And what NOT to do? #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Saving Money In The New Year

by Tammy Taylor

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Many people aspire to improve things at the beginning of the year.  They may look at aspects of the prior year and vow to do better this year.  Of course this often includes becoming physically healthier or learning a new skill.  Or it could be to reach for a more fulfilling job or make the plunge into self employment.  But almost always there’s a critical eye cast on our finances from the previous 365.  Questions bounce in our heads “How could I do better this year?  Save more?  Spend less?  Be more mindful with my hard-earned dollars?”

HOME FINANCE - WHAT WORKS FOR OTHERS and how those steps might actually work for you too. Here are the home finance favorites in my own bookshelf. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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