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When Unexpected Company Comes…

by Tammy Taylor~


I’ve mentioned before that RancherMan & I keep a ‘tidy’ house. The bed is made every morning, the supper dishes always cleaned, surfaces relatively cleared of clutter, etc.  So it’s baffling to me why I go into a break-neck panic when RancherMan casually announces the impending arrival of an unexpected visitor. I look with panic at the accumulations of projects I have going on in the kitchen – making bread at the same time I’m dehydrating tomato leather, dealing with produce from the garden, and fermenting a batch of Haymaker’s Punch.

I also notice every little piece of grass on the wood floors that our mini-Schnauzer Bailey has drug in. I’m suddenly painfully aware of the thick dust that comes from living off a dirt road. And of course the stay-at-home outfit I slipped on to just deal with cows/chickens/chores is certainly not acceptable for company!

Do you feel panic when unexpected company shows? I polled our followers to see if they felt the same. Their responses were hilarious! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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New Streaks Of Platinum Blonde? I Earned EVERY ONE!

by Tammy Taylor

Recently I attended my mother’s birthday celebration – a gathering of family & friends.  We all met at a local bistro and many tables were pushed together to make room for all the guests in attendance.  Of course there were family members there, but helping to celebrate were many super-fun friends as well.  Most older than me but beloved like family.

As RancherMan & I arrived we greeted these wonderful people, sharing hugs all the way around the table.  As we all settled into in our seats talking, sharing and laughter were the sounds that filled the cool spring air.  Just then one of the older ladies who uses a walker was passing slowly & gingerly behind me when she stroked the back of my hair and said “Tammy, Dahlin’, I do believe you’re getting a little whiter back here…”  To which I replied without skipping a beat “Hey, I’m PROUD of those new platinum-blonde streaks – I earned EVERY ONE of them!”

Silvery Gray Hair?  I see something different when I look in the mirror.  Come see! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Wordless Wednesday: Bovine Carwash?

by Tammy Taylor


When I was a kid I didn't understand why cars didn't get CLEANER when it rained.  This morning I'm having a flashback to those days... LOL #TaylorMadeRanch

When I was a kid I didn’t understand why cars didn’t actually get CLEANER when it rained. Why did cars get so dirty when it was raining, I mean heck there’s falling water rinsing the surface – shouldn’t that make the car cleaner and not dirtier?

This morning I’m having a flashback to those days… LOL


Audio/Visual Advertising Bombardment

by Tammy Taylor

Is it just me, or has the audio level of the advertising sector gotten crazy?  Picture this:  You’re cuddled on the couch watching a romantic movie with your Honey and after only about 10-15 minutes of movie entertainment it’s time for the station to take an advertising break.  Has anyone else ever noticed the difference in volume level between that movie and a commercial for, say, a car dealership?  The movie is at a comfortable listening level but the screaming salesman & flashing BUY NOW of the commercial is crazy.  RancherMan & I both race for the MUTE button on the remote control.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they would just talk about their product, but it’s the loud way in which they do so that drives me bonkers.

Remote Control - Taylor-Made Ranch

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