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Easier Way To Keep Christ In Christmas

by Tammy Taylor~

This time of year is known for cheer and excitement. Trees trimmed with sparkly decorations & cheerful gifts under the tree.  It’s known for an awareness of sharing and giving to others.  A gentle season pushing us to remove the focus from ourselves & think of others.  But oftentimes there’s an uglier side too.  Think about all the hateful rhetoric flung about on social media this time of year about Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays. Sometimes it calls for action, snarkily responding to those wishing us a Happy Holiday that we want to hear only MERRY CHRISTMAS!  It’s a well-meaning but oftentimes harsh push to keep Christ in Christmas.  But that unnecessary ugliness is really disturbing to me.


Do you REALLY want to keep Christ in Christmas? It's easy to do without mean-spirited hatefulness or separating 'Us' from 'Them' #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Homemade Pocket-Sized Hand Warmers

by Tammy Taylor~

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Y’all know RancherMan & I like to make our Christmas gifts ourselves.  To us, it’s just so much more personal.  Plus by doing so we’ve removed ourselves from the consumerism and stressful side of the holiday.  We feel it’s brought us back to a more well-balanced Christmas filled with the love of Christ & the warmth of family & friends.  Sure it takes more time (and sometimes more money too) but we feel we’re living our values, and that’s important to us. 

You can see a few of the homemade gifts we’ve made in the past here.  This year we’ll be giving experience gifts to our grandchildren.  We’re taking them to a live production of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, performed in a vintage 1940’s theater – how fun!  But we still want them to have something to open during our family Christmas celebration too.  So we decided to make pocket hand warmers for each of them to keep their little handsies warm during the chill of winter. 

These Pocket-Sized Hand Warmers are perfect to keep little one's hands warm! #TaylorMadeHomestead
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Tightening Our Belts: A Financial Hit

by Tammy Taylor~

If you follow us on Facebook you’ll know RancherMan & I recently received a crushing hit to both our hearts as well as our budget.  We lost a prime young heifer in a freak accident.  She’d  already been weaned and was ready to be listed for sale – a hefty percentage of our annual income.  I realize that when you raise animals for a living, these things happen but it never gets easy.  We saw this sweet girl take her first breath of life and we were there with her at the end, giving her as much comfort & care as we possibly could.

But when you’re self employed these losses crush not only your heart but also your budget.  We are a very small family-run business so a loss like this hits doubly hard for us and at a really bad time of the year – leading into the holidays.

Financial Hit: Sometimes the financial belt must be tightened even more. Here are things at the forefront of our minds for the next several weeks #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Food Safety: Keeping Hot Covered Dishes HOT!

~ by Tammy Taylor ~


So you say you’re planning on skipping over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house for the holidays?  And of course as is tradition, each family is bringing their favorite dish to share at the big feast.  That’s awesome, what a wonderful time you’ll have – warm memories filled with fun, family and good food! But it’s an hour’s drive to grandma’s house and you want to arrive early enough to visit with all your cousins before you eat.  You know grandma’s kitchen is small & that she’s already got her oven filled to the brim with her mammoth-sized ham and turkey, so how are you going to keep your dish hot, or even heat it up before it’s time to sit down for the big meal?  We’re often faced with that situation as well, here’s what we do:

FOOD SAFETY IS IMPORTANT: How do you keep your casserole HOT when bringing a covered dish to a meal? See what we do. #TaylorMadeHomestead



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