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Tightening Our Belts: A Financial Hit

by Tammy Taylor~

If you follow us on Facebook you’ll know RancherMan & I recently received a crushing hit to both our hearts as well as our budget.  We lost a prime young heifer in a freak accident.  She’d  already been weaned and was ready to be listed for sale – a hefty percentage of our annual income.  I realize that when you raise animals for a living, these things happen but it never gets easy.  We saw this sweet girl take her first breath of life and we were there with her at the end, giving her as much comfort & care as we possibly could.  But when you’re self employed these losses crush not only your heart but also your budget.  We are a very small family-run business so a loss like this hits doubly hard for us and at a really bad time of the year – leading into the holidays.

Financial Hit: Sometimes the financial belt must be tightened even more. Here are things at the forefront of our minds for the next several weeks #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Food Safety: Keeping Hot Covered Dishes HOT!

~ by Tammy Taylor ~


So you say you’re planning on skipping over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house for the holidays?  And of course as is tradition, each family is bringing their favorite dish to share at the big feast.  That’s awesome, what a wonderful time you’ll have – warm memories filled with fun, family and good food! But it’s an hour’s drive to grandma’s house and you want to arrive early enough to visit with all your cousins before you eat.  You know grandma’s kitchen is small & that she’s already got her oven filled to the brim with her mammoth-sized ham and turkey, so how are you going to keep your dish hot, or even heat it up before it’s time to sit down for the big meal?  We’re often faced with that situation as well, here’s what we do:

FOOD SAFETY IS IMPORTANT: How do you keep your casserole HOT when bringing a covered dish to a meal? See what we do. #TaylorMadeHomestead



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Homestead Hack: Obtaining Small Jars For Gifts

~by Tammy Taylor~


As is our tradition, RancherMan & I are making many of our Christmas gifts ourselves.  This year we’ve been busy making several different kinds of gifts.  I’ve also been experimenting with making extracts – it’s all been so much fun!  I thought some of those extracts might make great gifts, but if I was going to give them as gifts I needed to purchase small jars to hold them.  But it just seems… I don’t know – not quite right to go to the craft store & buy small bottles.  Thankfully I’ve found an alternative that works beautifully – check out today’s Homestead Hack.

OBTAINING SMALL JARS CHEAP: I needed small bottles to hold my gifts. I've found an alternative to purchasing empty bottles that works beautifully #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Christmas Gift Idea Roundup

by Tammy Taylor

Whaaaa….??  Is it already time to start thinking about Christmas???  Well it is if you plan on giving homemade gifts this year – you’ll need a running start so give yourself plenty of time.  I’ve written many times about our Christmas traditions here on the ranch – RancherMan & I try to make our gifts homemade and we’re almost always successful in giving our family & friends great gifts from the heart.  Of course there are times when gifts must be purchased instead but even then we try to make sure the gifts we give are gentle to the earth.  Looking for ideas?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Today I’m sharing a roundup of my Christmas Ideas posts.  Grab some coffee & come stay a spell…

A Roundup of my CHRISTMAS POSTS - homemade gift ideas, decorating, celebrating and wrapping ideas. Grab some coffee & come stay a spell... #TaylorMadeHomestead

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RancherMan’s Famous Green Bean Casserole

by Tammy Taylor


Special family holidays like Thanksgiving & Christmas require two non-negotiable dishes to be provided from the Taylor Household:  It’s requested that I bring my desserty dish that I make with cherry pie filling, whipped topping, crushed pineapple, and my own quick homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk.  Sometimes I add chopped pecans if there are no allergies to work around  – we’ve named the dessert ‘Cherry Shtuff’.  Also on the must-have menu is RancherMan’s Famous Green Bean Casserole.  Now I’m not exaggerating here, those dishes are NON NEGOTIABLE – we can bring other dishes to the gatherings if we like as long as these two specialties are included!  I’ve already shared my Cherry Shtuff recipe with you dear readers, but I’ve recently had several requests to share RancherMan’s most-requested dish.  Today’s the day!

RANCHERMAN'S GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE! No holiday is complete without his much-demanded dish. Today I'm sharing his recipe. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Cute Repurposed Denim Fabric Baskets

by Tammy Taylor


OK y’all, if you follow me on Facebook you already know that I can’t sew because I’ve complained about it for years.  I know I must have been a bitter disappointment to my grandmother who sewed all her life (even homemade patchwork quilts for FUN??) and my mother who was a skilled seamstress herself.  I could just never do it.  I was gifted an old Singer sewing machine and I promised myself I’d learn to use it.  But.  I.  Didn’t.

One of my New Year’s Goals (not resolutions) this year was to finally learn to use my sewing machine.  My very first project was to make these cute small denim baskets with repurposed denim from RancherMan’s old worn jeans. Y’all know that I love all things denim & I think these baskets are ADORABLE!  And if *I* can do it, anyone can.  Check out how easy this is, y’all!

Quick & Easy Denim Baskets repurposed from old worn jeans. I don't sew so If *I* can do it, anyone can. Check out how easy this is, y'all! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Canning Recipe: Homemade Apple Cider

by Tammy Taylor

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Well, we’re almost at the end of our Fresh Apple Series where I share various things I’ve been able to preserve using fresh apples in the peak of their season.  And what a series it’s been!   I’ve of course made Slow-Cooker Applesauce with many of the apples and even made and canned some of that applesauce into Cinnamon-Vanilla Flavored Applesauce.  I’ve also made and canned Apple Pie Filling for quick homemade pies and then one of RancherMan’s favorites – I dehydrated some of those delicious apples into crispy Cinnamon/Sugar Apple Chips.  But we’re not done yet, oh no!  Those apples still have deliciousness to share with our family.   Today I’m sharing how I preserved my Homemade Apple Cider.

HOMEMADE APPLE CIDER preserved in a water-bath canner so I can enjoy it this winter, steaming hot in a mug and stirred with a cinnamon stick #TaylorMadeHomestead

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