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Homestead Hack: Free Vegetable Broth!

by Tammy Taylor~

I like to use homemade broth for my cooking.  Let’s face it – no matter what you’re cooking it’s just more flavorful when it’s made with broth instead of water.  And it’s more nutritious too!  I make my own Chicken Broth from the bones of our chicken meals.  And I’ve also made Turkey Broth with the leftover turkey carcass after Thanksgiving.  And of course I’ve simmered veggie scraps into my own vegetable broth but there’s an even easier way!  C’mon y’all, use my battle cry with me:  “USE WHATCHA GOT!”  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  Check out this ridiculously-easy Homestead Hack…

I save nutritious vegetable broth that was previously wasted and use it for something I used to have to make myself or purchase. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Personalize Your Own Insulated Drink Holder

by Tammy Taylor~

How many times have you been at a gathering and enjoying an icy cold beverage?  As you chat with friends you set it on the table to impart your interesting story about your homestead.  When you look back you see 2 or 3 identical drinks on the table.   Do you dare guess which one’s yours?  What if you take someone else’s drink?    With a sigh you decide it’s not worth the chance of picking up the wrong one.  So you chalk it up as a loss & fetch yourself a fresh drink.  What a waste!  Surely there’s an easy way to keep tabs on your beverage…  Here’s how I battle against that waste – it’s easy and even kinda fun!

Personalize Your Own Repurposed Insulated Drink Holder - You'll never wonder which drink is yours at the party. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Thriving Plants When You Live In The Botanical ‘Hole Of Death’

by Tammy Taylor~

I’ve said it before and I can’t say it enough.  I love it here!  I love living in the country and the small-town feel.  We’ve made good friends and feel a true sense of community here.  And there’s that old 1800’s Barn that just speaks to my heart!  My life here is perfect in all ways except one. I struggle to get plants, trees or shrubs to live in our yard!!  Apparently we built our home right in the middle of the Botanical Hole of Death.

A short list of some beautiful yet very hardy plants I've been able to get to thrive in our Botanical Hole Of Death. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Homestead Hack: Labeling Glass Jars

~by Tammy Taylor~


I’m a big fan of repurposing glass jars.  I mean, what’s not to love?  They look bright & shiny in my pantry and since they’re clear glass I can easily see the deliciousness lining my pantry shelves.  I’ve used canning jars and pickle jars.  Big jars and small jars.  Heck they’re all beautiful to me!  Now back in ‘the day’  I’d put a little sticker on the top to properly label the contents.  Since I’m a “Use Whatcha Got” kinda girl I started using  silver duct tape on top of the jars and I’d just write on the tape with a permanent marker.  But to read the jar’s contents I’d have to pick up & look at the top of the jar.  Sometimes these jars are stacked 3 deep on the shelf.  There’s got to be an easier way!  And there is.  Check out today’s Homestead Hack.

I'm a big fan of repurposing glass jars but I need an easy way to label the contents.. Check out today's Homestead Hack. #TaylorMadeHomestead


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Tortilla-Sized Pizza Leather Made With Pasta Sauce

 by Tammy Taylor~

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When our garden is producing extremely well I like to preserve as much as I can from it.  Oftentimes our tomatoes are producing like GANGBUSTERS and I’m making Tomato Sauce and Pasta Sauce from it, as well as dehydrating it into Tomato Powder or just Dried Diced Tomatoes to drop into my wintertime simmering soups.  But one of my favorite ways to preserve tomatoes is by dehydrating it into tomato leather so I can roll it out directly on top of my pizza crust & just start piling on the toppings – the cooking process and the moisture in the toppings rehydrates the leather for me.

But I didn’t get many tomatoes this year so I find myself purchasing pasta sauce until I can make it myself again.  (sigh…) But recently I had leftover pasta sauce and wondered what to do with it.  Since we’ve recently discovered tortilla pizzas I decided to make some tortilla-sized tomato leather!

Recently I had leftover pasta sauce so I decided to make some tortilla-sized pizza leather. I'll use them on our tortilla pizzas! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Homestead Hack: Repurposing Mesh Bags For Cleaning

by Tammy Taylor~


I’m pretty fond of trying to think outside the box to provide for myself things that I used to buy.  Recently I went into a frenzied canning marathon trying to get many fresh apples & pears preserved before they went bad.  But oh the sticky mess it made in my kitchen!  I’ve been scrubbing my kitchen for what seems like days!  LOL.  When I’ve made a mess this big I need a big scrubber – those little palm-sized ones I used to buy just don’t do it for me. I need something big enough to hunker down when I’m scrubbing sticky canning residues from stockpots & countertops.  You know, BIG messes that I may or may not have been responsible for (eh hemmmm…)

And luckily I’m able to easily provide this handy cleaning tool for myself.  As a bonus they’re much larger and thicker than the wimpy ones I used to buy.  Check out today’s Homestead Hack, y’all!

She takes old empty mesh produce bags and cuts them up. When she's finished, a handy kitchen scrubber cleaning tool! Come see. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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How to Get Homestead Shade Trees For FREE!

by Tammy Taylor~


Y’all know I’ve planted many trees since moving here.  They typically struggle the first year & then succumb after the first 12-18 months.  I kid you not, I’ve lost 18 trees in our BACKYARD ALONE!  That’s lots of money wasted but dang y’all, I really miss the beautiful canopy of trees I’ve always assured that we enjoyed at each and every home where we’ve ever lived.  But it doesn’t make financial sense to keep plunking down money year after year to buy trees & get them planted when they obviously don’t want to live here.  But aaaahhhh…  Y’all remember my battle cry?  Use Whatcha Got!

I've been frustrated to buy, plant and lose so many trees since moving here. Come see how I've gotten homestead shade trees for FREE! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Homestead Hack: Replacing An Ugly Laundry Pole

by Tammy Taylor~

When we lived in the city I bought a *2-line extractable laundry line.  I loved that thing – it gave me up to 98 feet of drying!  RancherMan put a nail in a fence post so when I was doing laundry I’d bring out that extractable line & hang it on that nail.  The lines pulled all the way to a nearby tree where I’d hook the two lines on the branches.  But when we moved here to our piece of paradise there were no privacy fences, nor any trees in our back yard.  So we used a tether-ball pole as the anchor, and placed two decorative cast iron plant hooks on either side of the garage window.  But the tether-ball pole was…  I dunno – UGLY!  It served the purpose for several years but I wanted something a little more in step with our natural surroundings.  It was replaced recently and you know my battle cry:  Use Whatcha Got!  (Almost all our Homestead Hacks use that battle cry.)  Come see what we did.

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Recovering A Crappy Harvest-Gold Stadium Seat

.  by Tammy Taylor~

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Y’all remember I recently wrote about our road trip to visit our all-time favorite aunt & uncle in west Texas?  What a wonderful time we had while we were there – it seems we can never get enough of these two amazing family members!  While we were there we went to several garage sales – the sales in Amarillo are AMAZING and have spoiled us forever in going to garage sales anywhere else.  LOL  RancherMan was looking for a small stadium seat to use in his hunting stand, but these things apparently really retain their value and he was not pleased with the prices, even for the used ones!

The good news is we found one while out garage saleing and it was basically free!  The bad news is…  Well, it was not only U-G-L-Y harvest gold but also in bad shape with torn edges and foam sticking out.  Thankfully my crafty aunt knew it was a diamond in the rough.  “We can salvage this” she exclaimed confidently.  “We can recover it easily!”

This stadium seat was U-G-L-Y harvest gold with torn edges and foam sticking out but my aunt said "We can recover it easily!" #TaylorMadeHomestead

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