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Beginning Beekeeping: Becoming A NewBee

by Tammy Taylor~

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RancherMan & I love raising cattle, and we added chickens to the mix because they’re so much fun and, you know, EGGS!  But we were wondering what (if anything) we’d like to add to our current barnyard fun.  We’d tried raising goats but that just wasn’t for us, but then RancherMan hit on an idea:  How about BEES?  His thought is that bees will help keep the garden pollinated, and I’ll hopefully finally be able to obtain local honey that includes ragweed pollen to try to treat my allergies naturally.  Sounds like fun – let’s jump in! We’ve never kept bees before so we’re NewBees(groaaaann…)  There’s a lot to do before we actually receive any bees, come see how we prepared.

We've never kept bees before so we're NewBees! There's a lot to do before we actually receive any bees, come see how we prepared. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Don’t Throw Away That Crystallized Honey!

by Tammy Taylor

I’ve heard that consuming local honey daily is good for seasonal pollen allergies.  I don’t enjoy the thought of putting a spoon of drippy sweet honey in my mouth.  If eating local honey is good for allergies, I might as well enjoy it stirred into my own homemade yogurt  along with a handful of berries for breakfast.  For that reason I always make my yogurt unsweetened and add the sweetener as I stir in the berries.  Anyhoo, I buy my local honey in large glass jars (yep, I hate those plastic honey-bears of honey)  But occasionally crystals will form in the honey making it too thick to pour.  No worries, since my honey’s in a glass jar it’s easy to bring my precious honey back  to pourable sweetness.

Honey is said to be the only food with NO expiration date. Don't throw that honey away when crystals form - save your honey for years! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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