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Taylor-Made Homestead is located in Northeast Texas. This blog reflects our desire to live gently on the land - gardening, home cooking, food preservation, solar cooking, saving money, etc.

How To Quickly & Easily Shred Leftover Roast

by Tammy Taylor~

Y’all know RancherMan keeps our freezer stocked with harvested wild pork during the winter months.  That pork is our main source of protein for several months until the pork coffers get lean!  So I’m often cooking up several pork roasts at a time as part of my Cook-Once, Eat-Twice method of cooking to use the leftovers for subsequent meals.  It’s an easy way to get supper on the table fast since the meat’s already been cooked!

Recently I was turning some of that cooked roast into Pulled-Pork Enchiladas.  I brought out some of my leftover cooked pork roast, grabbed a couple of forks and got to shredding.  It took so long I started to get frustrated and thought there had to be a better way.  And there was!

How to quickly & easily shred leftover roast. Put the two forks down! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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How To Make Simple Corn Tortillas

by Tammy Taylor~

I love to make pork roast, there’s so much you can do with the leftovers!  We recently enjoyed a hearty supper of pork roast & veggies one night and I planned to make pulled-pork enchiladas the next day with some of the leftover cooked roast.  Although we enjoy my quick Mix-N-Pour Tortillas, enchiladas require corn tortillas in the Taylor household but we had none.   As we stood in the store looking at the tortillas sold in a plastic bag, my mind went back several years to when I’d made them myself.  It was easy to make ’em, & heck this big bag of masa harina was only about $3.  Maybe I should dust off that tortilla press I have at home & give ‘er a go again.

Homemade Corn Tortillas! As I stood in the store looking at that handful of corn tortillas sold in a plastic bag I wondered, "Should I make these myself?" Easy, delicious, cheap and waste-free! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Fall-Back Friday: 4 Easy Ways We Reuse Bacon Grease

by Tammy Taylor~

Many of us remember our grandmothers keeping a small grease can on the back of her stove.  Grandma knew that grease could serve a valuable purpose in her kitchen.  Maybe some of you still have your own grease cans.  I can certainly tell ya that bacon grease is a precious commodity in my kitchen.  To celebrate Fall-Back Friday, I’m falling back into the archives & bringing back a super-popular post.  I’m sharing 4 easy ways we reuse bacon grease in the Taylor household.  Check it out, y’all.

Many of us remember our grandmothers kept a little grease can on the back of her stove? Grandma knew that grease could serve a valuable purpose in her kitchen. I can certainly tell ya that bacon grease is a precious commodity in my kitchen. I'm sharing 4 easy ways we reuse bacon grease in the Taylor household. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Keeping Jeans Neatly On The Hanger

by Tammy Taylor~

Recently while I was hanging up clothes off the line, I pulled out our empty hangers from the closet.  Now I don’t use metal hangers anymore & I haven’t even had them in the house for some 20 years or more.  Back in the day I replaced all those flimsy wire hangers with plastic hangers, typically cheap from thrift stores.  I liked how they don’t tangle up nearly as badly in my closet.  Back then I bought the kid-sized hangers for my children’s childhood-sized clothes too.  When I no longer needed those hangers for kid-sized clothes I looked at the hangers & thought Hummmmm…

Jeans will just slide around on a regular clothes hanger. Come see how I use a child-sized hanger to keep my closet nice & tidy! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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How To Eat Your Compost! Becoming A Food Waste Ninja…

by Tammy Taylor~

Food waste – we all hate it.  We work diligently to make sure none of that food we’ve paid our hard-earned money for is wasted.  But are we doing all we can?  Maybe…  But maybe not!  Have you ever thought about eating your compost?

Stay with me now, I’m not suggesting that you root through the compost heap and snack on its contents.  Today I’m talking about food destined for the compost heap.

Can you eat your compost? Come see ways I've saved food previously destined for the compost pile for delicious use in my kitchen. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Pyrex Easy-To-Read 2-Cup Measuring Cup Review

By Tammy Taylor~

I’m 55 years old, y’all. Old enough for my eyes to require reader glasses. But I can’t wear glasses all the time because otherwise the ole eyes still see well. That means I’m always searching for my readers when I need to see finer detail.

This creates more problem in the kitchen than anywhere else.  I’m constantly fetching my readers to measure when I’m cooking.  What a pain!  I really loved the look of the new larger-print Pyrex measuring cup so I reached out to Pyrex and asked them if they’d send me one to review.  Hey, ya never know…  Glory be, they said yes!

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Homestead Hack: Keep That Broccoli Fresh!

by Tammy Taylor~

My baby sis and her hubby came to spend the weekend with us recently.  RancherMan & I planned to grill out since the weather was nice.  I’d also planned to roast some fresh veggies that I had in the fridge.  As my sis & I were in the kitchen I opened the refrigerator door to fetch the broccoli leftover from our dinner party several days ago.  My sister saw how it was contained and exclaimed “That’s BRILLIANT!”  Come see this Homestead Hack for keeping your broccoli fresh.

Keep broccoli fresh and crisp for several days during its storage in your refrigerator. Check out this simple Homestead Hack! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Recipe: Homemade Honey Graham Crackers

by Tammy Taylor~

I recently invited my folks to dinner at our house.  I made cute little individual apple pies baked in canning jars for dessert for them.  But I had 1/2 jar of apple pie filling left and I needed to make sure it got used. Ya know, when that apple pie filling jar starts with the picking of the actual apples, you don’t want to waste any of it!

I decided to use it up making a simple dessert for RancherMan & me.  I’d heat up that apple pie filling, put it on a bed of graham crackers and top it with graham cracker crumbs & whipped cream. Kinda like a quick No-Bake Apple Pie Dessert.  But I didn’t have any graham crackers. So I sat out to find (and of course not follow, lol) a recipe using standard pantry ingredients.

I needed graham crackers for a recipe so I made them myself. I even made them extra honey-flavored! Easy, Inexpensive & Delicious. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Zero-Waste Hygiene: Using A Safety Razor

by Tammy Taylor~

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I’ve been on a journey toward zero waste for years.  Will I ever be truly zero waste?  Probably not.  But I know each step I take is just that much more waste diverted.  One place I was bothered mightily was the sheer waste of disposable razors.

Buy – Use – Throw away – REPEAT… 

And not remembering which replacement heads fit the particular brand of disposable I’d purchased weeks before meant I was replacing the whole shebangie every time. More plastic, more money, even more waste! I wanted to try a safety razor but I was nervous.  Aren’t they dangerous?  Maybe I’ll cut myself?  As it turns out, all those fears were unfounded.  A safety razor has been one of the most awesome (and frankly luxurious) zero-waste steps I’d taken so far.

Lady Gillette safety razor. Safety Razors are a zero-waste option! We've been using vintage safety razors for years with nary a cut. Don't be afraid - they take a little getting used to but they're easy to use! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Homestead Hack: Safer, Convenient Straight-Pin Storage

by Tammy Taylor~

OK y’all know I’m not a seamstress.  As in, not even a little!  I only sew very basic things such as my repurposed denim baskets or repairing a seam on a favored shirt.  So this may not be a new hint for the more seasoned seamstresses out there, but it sure was a helpful find for me!  And maybe you too?

You see, I have a bundle of straight pins that had been stored in the plastic box they were sold in for years.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve stuck myself with a pin trying to retrieve one! But after years of use, the hinge on the old container broke.  So I went looking for an easier yet still-convenient way to store & use my straight pins.  Check out this Homestead Hack, y’all.

I needed a storage solution for my straight-pin supply in my sewing box. It needed to be compact and allow me to safely retrieve my pins. Check out this Homestead Hack! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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