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Taylor-Made Homestead is located in Northeast Texas. This blog reflects our desire to live gently on the land - gardening, home cooking, food preservation, solar cooking, saving money, etc.

But… Don’t We ALL Want To Be Younger?

by Tammy Taylor~

I’m 55 years old, y’all. But here’s the thing – I’m not ashamed of my age. I love being Fifty-Five!

Wait, don’t we all want to appear younger than we are?  It’s true that many folks try to do everything they can to fight against showing their age. In a society that seems to glorify youth, I guess they just feel better about themselves if they look younger than their years.  And here’s the important thing – that’s OK!

There’s NO shame in that, y’all – do what makes you happy.

But personally, I’m not in constant pursuit of looking younger than I am.  And I’m not gonna lie – it feels pretty good! I’m very happy in my own skin – gray hair, wrinkles & all!

Sure there were great things I enjoyed in my 20's, 30's & 40's. But my 50's are glorious! I'm not ashamed of my age! #TaylorMadeHomestead

This photo used for mirror illustration only was taken about 4 years ago – There are many more grays now!

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Easy No-Knead Rosemary Skillet Bread Recipe

by Tammy Taylor~

It’s well known that RancherMan loves bread.  A LOT!  I strive to keep him supplied in the soft & fluffy Sandwich Bread he loves.  And of course I’ve got other bread recipes in my arsenal too.  We love quick Beer Bread or spicy Jalapeno Cornbread.

And I’d been making cast-iron baked Boule Bread too. But that recipe requires you to heat a flat pan at the same time as you preheat the oven, tossing in water at the last minute to create steam.  That steam got between two glasses of my oven door & it’s nigh impossible to clean without disassembling the whole oven door!  So I’m looking for an easy no-knead skillet bread recipe that doesn’t require that step.

Then I found an even easier recipe for rosemary-flavored skillet bread. And heck, I’m able to flavor it with minced fresh rosemary from my garden.  Y’all know an easy no-knead stir-rise-bake bread recipe will be a fave in the Taylor kitchen!

Easy Rosemary Skillet Bread Recipe. A delicious no-knead bread baked in a cast iron skillet and seasoned with fresh rosemary from the garden. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Low-Waste Option: Snap Toothbrush

by Tammy Taylor~

As hard as I try to eliminate waste, there are some places where I just sigh & accept that plastic landfill-bound trash is just a part of my life. To eliminate the revolving trash of replacing my worn toothbrushes over & over, I tried bamboo toothbrushes.  I loved the concept of compostability, and was willing to power through a different experience for this lower-waste option.  But I had some issues with the bristles coming out in my mouth.  And more importantly I just could never get used to the feel of bamboo in my mouth.

Plus since it had nylon bristles, the toothbrush head portion wasn’t compostable.  So that meant at the end of the toothbrush’s life I either had to snap off the head and throw it away, or soak & pull the bristles out with a pair of pliers and throw them in the trash before composting the rest. Ugh…  So with a sigh I went back to traditional plastic toothbrushes sold in a big plastic package.  Eco-fail?

Then I heard about a more traditionally-styled toothbrush where you only replace the small brush head & reuse the handle.  Now color me intrigued!

I got to try a Low-Waste Toothbrush Option - replace only the worn heads and reuse the handle over & over again to lower toothbrush waste by 93%!  #TaylorMadeHomestead

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5 Frugal Things I Did This Week To Save Money

by Tammy Taylor~

RancherMan & I live & work right here in our very own NE Texas paradise.  Now it’s true that without a corporate-employment salary infusion, money’s tight for us.  So we’re very careful with our expenses.  But let me tell ya it’s worth it – keeping our income requirements low allows us to live this life we love oh-so-much!

Every now & then I like to share 5 simple frugal things we did over the week that helps us to save money.  Come see a few easy ways we’ve been able to shave a few bucks here & there.  Saving money where you can comes together to make a great overall impact!

Our income is low, but there are many easy ways to save money. Come see 5 Frugal Things we did this week to save some cash! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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How Would Grandma Have Done It?

by Tammy Taylor~

How would grandma have done it? I’ve been seeing this question a lot on social media lately.  But it’s great food for thought, especially for those striving to reduce waste and save a little money too.  You see, plastic and single-use items weren’t commonplace back in grandma’s day.  And yet, grandma got around the kitchen just fine without it.

Sometimes the old ways are really the best ways. Let’s see how grandma would have done it.

Did you ever stop and wonder "How would grandma do this?" Oh yeah, grandma was the queen of "Use Whatcha Got"! She got by fine without plastic & disposables. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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How To Dehydrate Fresh Pumpkin

by Tammy Taylor~

Last year’s garden included a very robust pumpkin harvest! When the season was over I harvested all those pumpkins and brought them inside before the first frost.  But there were just so many!  I gave several fresh pumpkins to family & friends and used the remaining pumpkins for fall decoration purposes.  One by one I cooked & pureed the pumpkins, using them in my Pumpkin Granola or other dishes.

But here we are months later and I’m staring at those two remaining pumpkins.  And RancherMan’s filled our freezer with so much wild pork there’s no room to spare there.  But when that pumpkin starts with planting the seed, you make sure none is wasted!  I decided to cook & dehydrate the two remaining pumpkins & store ’em in my pantry instead.

It’s so easy to do, y’all.  And unlike using the freezer, dehydrated pumpkin uses no additional energy to store.  Come see what I did!

How to dehydrate pumpkin to use all year long! These fresh pumpkins won't be wasted and now can be stored in tiny jars in my pantry. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Reducing Plastic: It’s EASY!

by Tammy Taylor~

Y’all know I hate plastic.  A LOT.  Is our home plastic free?  Oh no, of course not.  Yeah I’ll push back against plastic waste wherever possible but there’s certainly no perfection here at the Taylor Household!  Is it the same for you?

Sometimes the very magnitude of the problem makes you wonder “why bother?”.  Whelp, there are as many reasons as there are points of view.  But here’s why I make the effort in our home.

Reducing Plastic is important in the Taylor household. But the plastic problem seems so big - why bother?? Don't worry, it's easy to be mindful of plastic waste! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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How To Make Your Own No-Waste Citrus Juice Using Frozen Limes

by Tammy Taylor~

Several weeks ago we were shopping for a family gathering and we needed to pick up some fresh limes. While we were in the grocery store to pick up limes, RancherMan decided that ‘6 for $1’ was the way to go.  I wasn’t sure we’d go through all six limes though.  As it turns out there were indeed limes leftover after our gathering.  To keep them from going to waste I washed them and tossed ’em in the freezer.

Come see how a frozen lime helps me reduce waste in the kitchen.

You could buy a plastic bottle of real lime juice, but why? Come see my easy, zero-waste (and CHEAP) solution for having 100% real lime juice for my recipes. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Lazy Cook’s Chile Relleno Casserole Cups

by Tammy Taylor~

A family member had a bumper crop of various peppers last year.  So she seeded several various kinds of peppers & plunked ’em all in the freezer to share with me.  But now I’m trying to put them all to good use – especially those poblanos we love.  RancherMan & I both enjoy Tex-Mex food and we absolutely love chili rellanos.  But (and I can’t emphasize this enough, y’all) I’m a lazy cook!  So I thought it would be great if I could use my silicone muffin pan to make a quick-cooking chile relleno casserole into single-serve portions.

I gave it a try & RancherMan absolutely raved at this lazy-cook’s version of chili relleno.  I must admit, it was absolutely delicious.  And without the time spent roasting the peppers and other steps of traditional chili relleno.  Come see what I did.

I love chile relleno, but it's more work in the kitchen than I want. Come see my lazy cook's version of chile relleno, baked into single-serve cups! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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4 Ways Vegetable Gardening Can Change Your Life

by Tammy Taylor~

It’s true I have to grow a garden every year.  I mean *HAVE* to!  It’s something that’s in my blood and not having a veggie garden is just not an option for me.  But recently I got to thinking, there are several reasons I love to garden – it’s not just a hobby.  It’s good for me in so many ways.  I mean, flower gardens are beautiful and manicured lawns are lovely too.  But I’d rather put my outdoor effort into something that will benefit me in 4 important life-changing ways.  And here’s the good news – it can be life-changing for you too.   Come see!

There are several reasons I love to garden - it's not just a hobby. It's good for me in 4 important life-changing ways. And here's the good news - it can be life-changing for you too! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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