Homestead Hack: Use Residual Heat To Dehydrate

by Tammy Taylor *affiliate link   OK by now y’all know I’m a dehydrating fool!  I bought my dream appliance, an *Excalibur 9-tray dehydrator and I think I’m in love!  I’ve put that thing through the paces, dehydrating all kinds of fruits and veggies – even Italian-flavored tomato leather to just roll out and plop […]

Preserving The Harvest: Dehydrated Cinnamon/Sugar Apple Chips

by Tammy Taylor *affiliate link   Today I’m continuing on with my series on Preserving Fresh Apples.  My aunt shared many bushels of apples from her tree this year and I’m making sure to get them all preserved, I certainly don’t want that apple deliciousness to go to waste!  I’ve been busy making and canning […]

Dehydrated Salsa In A Jar – Great Gift Idea!

by Tammy Taylor *Includes affiliate link   So, y’all know I’ve been virtually a dehydrating fool since I got my  * Excalibur Dehydrator earlier this year – so much fun!  I love to have all those dehydrated veggies in my pantry, their pretty sparkling glass jars lined up smartly on the shelves.  I’ve been using […]

Preserving The Harvest: Dehydrated DICED Tomatoes

By Tammy Taylor  *contains affiliate link This summer has been pretty weird, garden wise. After suffering 3 consecutive years of gripping drought we got a little rain this year. Oh don’t get me wrong, we’re STILL in the drought and suffering from below-normal rainfall but at least rains have come sporadically this year. But here’s […]

Using Dehydrated Apples In Granola

by Tammy Taylor *contains affiliate link I’ve really been on a roll this year with my dehydrator.  I’ve dehydrated carrots & potatoes, celery and squash, green beans & tomatoes along with many more veggies.  Recently I fell upon a great deal on apples and I picked up about 10 lbs of sweet red ones.   RancherMan […]

Homemade Dehydrated Veggie Granules

by Tammy Taylor *This post contains an affiliate link Last season I was trying to preserve as much garden excess as I could.  I hated for any of it to go to waste so we ate fresh from the garden every day, then I shared with family, friends & community, then I preserved as much […]

Dehydrated Potatoes Into Hash Browns

by Tammy Taylor This year I’ve had so much fun dehydrating fruits and veggies.  I dehydrated several pounds of potatoes and found that when they were fully dehydrated they take up very little space – I was able to store them in very small containers.  And of course since they’re dehydrated they’re going to last […]

When Unexpected Company Comes…

by Tammy Taylor~   I’ve mentioned before that RancherMan & I keep a ‘tidy’ house. The bed is made every morning, the supper dishes always cleaned, surfaces relatively cleared of clutter, etc.  So it’s baffling to me why I go into a break-neck panic when RancherMan casually announces the impending arrival of an unexpected visitor. […]

Texas Heat Superstar: Growing Malabar Spinach

by Tammy Taylor~ *contains affiliate link I love fresh spinach & I’m sure to plant it every year in my edible landscape garden.  It’s beautiful, leafy-green and makes a lovely border.  Oh, and you can EAT it!  What’s not to love??!  But in our part of NE Texas the window of opportunity in enjoying fresh […]