5 Frugal Things We Did To Save Money This Week

RancherMan & I are self employed.  As any self-employed person knows, the toils are more meaningful but c’mon it’s true – the time requirement is much higher & the income is much less.  We’re both very frugal minded though, and that helps bunches.  We’re mindful of ways to save money (and even more importantly ways […]

5 Frugal Things To Save Money This Week: Crappy Fridge Edition!

by Tammy Taylor~ RancherMan & I purchased all Frigidaire appliances when we outfitted our ranch kitchen.  The constant repairs on our Frigidaire microwave have been frustrating.  But more frustrating still is our crappy Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator.  It’s by far the loudest appliance in our home with visitors stopping to listen and asking “Is that your […]

5 Frugal Things To Save Money This Week

by Tammy Taylor~ Spring is almost here in NE Texas!  How glorious to see things turning green, colorful flowers popping up and the temps warming.  RancherMan & I have been busy building new chicken runs and preparing the garden for planting.  We’re in Planting Zone 8 so I’m safe to drop the veggie seedlings into […]

5 Frugal Things To Save Money

by Tammy Taylor~ *contains affiliate link Five is not a large number, and 5 frugal things aren’t difficult for most households to accomplish.  I’m hoping this short list of easy frugal things we did at the Taylor Household one day might inspire you to look at your own tasks and perhaps start tackling just 5 […]

Frugal Low-Waste Chicken Feeder

by Tammy Taylor This is our first year to explore raising our own chickens.  They have been so much fun to raise so far, and they are doing an amazing job of severely reducing the massive load of grasshoppers in our barn pasture, as well as almost eliminating the fly load on our calves when […]

Top 10 Homesteading Posts of 2016!

by Tammy Taylor~ Whelp, here we are at the end of 2016.  What a great year it’s been! My veggie garden was screamingly successful this year.  And our homestead branched out with registered Angus heifers to augment the registered Hereford operation we currently have.   But it wasn’t without its darker moments too, including twin […]